About A Collection of Passions

Hi I’m Loreana, and I’m all about personal development that involves interaction, not just hoping, reading, and talking. Through my very own experiences, I’ve learned that positive change is important and there are things that are panned out to work and things that really don’t.

I am passionate about so many things including fashion and jewelry. I’ve always been into fashion and jewelry, I worked at retail stores for so many years before and after finishing college. My favorite parts of my work were helping customers find the right outfit, sorting new shipments in the store, and redesigning the store for the new stuff based on a directive from my managers.

I continue to thrive, and even tried working at an office, my favorite part was putting together excel spreadsheets. Yup, you heard me right. Charts, fonts, colors, name it. I had the most beautiful excel spreadsheets in the office, if I do say so myself. I even actually put this infor on my resume.

But when I looked at my favorite mystic topaz necklaces and I could see exactly how every details and pieces were joined together beautifully. It finally clicked. That is the time when I realized what i’m meant to do. Putting together everything together beautifully. It finally made sense to me. Any fear of taking that you can think of when starting a blog or a business, fear of rejections, fear of doing things for the first time, FAILURE – being so sure that what my passion is all about, and then it not being it…. Everything just dissipated.

When you know, you know. Right?

So I’m putting this blog out into the internet universe… If you haven’t found you’re passion yet, I know that you’ll find it too – it’s never ever too late. When the right thing comes along, you’ll know.

If you’re looking for things that will work out for most of us, you’ve come to the right place.

At A Collection of Passions, I’ll share with you my passions, and life hacks for real, quantifiable change.

All of us have our own struggles and difficulties that we need to face. We have our own goals that we want to accomplish. As a truth seeker, I am always in the look out for the best ways to manage life.